Guy Fawkes – Where we can legally blow shit up…

It’s around that time of year again when we are legally allowed to throw firecrackers (in designated areas ofcourse). I have got a list of all the areas you can throw cherry bombs, widow makers, tom thumbs or what ever else you want to on the 5th of November. Obviously be careful when throwing firecrackers, as anything can could go wrong and you can easily get hurt or harmed. Trust me, I have seen this happen before… But don’t worry about that for now, here is  a list of all the designated areas for Guy Fawkes:

Currently some of these places aren’t available to throw fireworks. I will be finding an updated list ASAP! Many apologees from my side!

Cape Town

  • Mnandi Beach parking area (near Law Enforcement office)
  • Maiden’s Cove parking area
  • Strandfontein Beach parking area
  • Athlone Stadium parking area
  • Helderberg
  • Gordon’s Bay Main Beach
  • Strand Beach (at Deep Blue)
  • Macassar Beach
  • South Peninsula
  • Sunrise Beach, Muizenberg
  • Fish Hoek Beach
  • Hout Bay Beach
  • Tygerberg
  • De Grendel Sports Ground, Parow
  • Nooitgedacht Sports Ground, Bishop Lavis
  • Sports Ground in Roosendal Street, Delft
  • Oostenberg
  • Blue Downs Sports Stadium, Hindle Road, Delft

  • Blaauwberg
  • Mamre Park, opposite SAPS
  • Wesfleur Sportsfield, Atlantis
  • Palms site, Milnerton
  • Blaauwberg Beach, area opposite KFC (Blaauwberg Road)

These sites will be monitored by law enforcement agencies.


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  1. Wanted to find out about legal firework sites in Jozi and seems like you can blow shit up in any clearing as long as there are no animals present! haha

    You just have to follow these rules:

    In terms of the City’s by-laws, no person should use fireworks within 500 metres of any explosives factory, explosives storage place, petrol depot or petrol station, inside any building, at any public place or at any school, old age home or hospital. A fine of R1 500 may be slapped on any person found violating these laws.

    Lighting or igniting fireworks in any place where animals are present will incur a fine of R1 000.
    Read more:

    1. “you can blow shit up in any clearing as long as there are no animals present” …. hahahahahaha- its obviously a rule that the inhabitants of Jozi find it difficult to stick to…

  2. Hey

    Just thought you should know that article you have quoted on the capetown council site is for last year. I know Houtbay is no longer a legal site this year :/

  3. Thanks Patrick

    I thought I was almost sure that it was the 2010 page.

    Sorry… I will update this! 🙂

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