Guy Doesn’t Tap In Jiu-Jitsu Fight & Gets His Arm Snapped In Half

Nobody ever likes to see things like this happen in mixed martial arts fights, but the video below does carry an important lesson that sometimes it is better to recognise defeat and tap when you’re in a compromising position. In the video below we see the exact moment a jiu-jitsu fighter’s arm got snapped pretty much in half when he refused to tap when caught in an armbar of sorts.

Ethan Crelinsten from Brazil had his opponent caught up in a modified armbar during the West Coast ADCC Trials in Abu Dhabi last week, when all of sudden the guy’s arm breaks, with the noise coming from the break so loud that the entire crowd can be heard wincing, sharing in his pain.

Warning, the footage below is pretty graphic.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Absolutely brutal submission. Not for the faint of heart. @ethancrelinsten

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