Guy Does WWE Finishers On Girls

wwe finishers on girls

While regaling our long time love for the World of Pro-Wrestling, Kreg sent me this video of a nutter by the name of Joe Weller who managed to sell the idea of doing WWE Finishers On Girls to some twins. He seems to be a really huge fan of WRASTLING and probably takes the whole thing a little bit too seriously.

I watched the video and literally cried with laughter for all 2 minutes, simply because of the fact that The Merrell Twins allowed him to do Undertaker’s Tombstone on them along with a good few power bombs and choke slams into his backyard pool. I mean honestly, how awesome do these girls have to be to agree to getting RKO’d into a pool?!

It’s got the traditional Jim Ross WWE commentary, which definitely adds to the hilarity of the clip – watch the video and enjoy!

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