Guess Summer Collection rocks- Caprice gets on my nerves again

I guess the best place to start is to talk about the choice of venue for the Guess & Jameson Summer Extravaganza… The infamous- Cafe Caprice.

Caprice is a spot famous for having one of the best views of the ocean in Cape Town and is often the spot to find the who’s who of the city’s trendoids. Everyone that goes here takes at least an hour to do their hair before going out & about 90% of them think that its ok to wear sunglasses at night (& its not even a rave). More often than not the peeps that frequent this jol are definition of pretentious but considering that this was a fashion range launch it was the perfect spot to get sipping on a double Jameson…

Speaking of drinking- there was one major fail at the event- the ability to buy booze. MyCityByNight got there a little bit later than the agreed upon pre-drinks time and we were forced to wait over 20 minutes before getting to the front of the bar to eventually order only to be told that we were not allowed to buy a drink because the fashion show was about to start across the road on the make shift beach ramp that the organisers had constructed- lets just say we werent very stoked.

Our alcoholism aside, the actual ramp where the fashion show was held was pretty cool- it had a very deconstructed feel to it and it suited the setting summer sun and beach vibe perfectly. The entertainment before the show, rocked with these drummer dudes (I have yet to find out there name) who got the crowd pumped and ready with some very impressive drumming skills to accompany their half nakedness (will upload the video a bit later).

The clothes showcased were pretty much exactly what I had said they would be with a huge focus on denim, checks and florals. I quite enjoyed the fabulousness of the event and totally loved the cheekiness of the mooiness that were chosen to represent the brand of the catwalk- if backside’s could talk all of theirs would be saying ARIBA ARIBA ANDELE ANDELE… ooh weeeee.

Overall I had a super time- had a chance to meet the delectable Tammy from Brandnew Marketing, who was looking rather fetching in a little blue number… you guys & girls did a very good job!

Overall a very cool event- I’d just like everyone who organises similar events in the future to take into account that people like to drink (dont make it harder to do this than it has to be).

Thanks to Guess, the likes of Cape Town is going to be looking very fashionable this summer!!!


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  1. I think you should know that the show was the brainchild of Cafe Caprice and in fact it was the 3rd such show that we have put on over the years. I organised Jameson as well as Guess to come to the party and the fashion show was really for Cafe Caprice locals to be invited to something a little unique and exciting to get them ready for the summer ahead. I must tell you I find it strange that you would accept an invite by in effect myself through my marketing team at brandnew marketing to come to a place that you say as the headline: GETS UNDER MY NERVES AGAIN and then surround youself by my PRETENTIOUS LOCALS. Firstly I think next time you are invited to a function it would be polite to arrive on time, secondly have you for once thought about the logistics of trying to move 250 people from one venue to another (without closing the bar it would have been near impossible), and then thirdly we supplied complementary snacks as well as Jameson welcome drinks and an awesome guess hamper to those media and VIP guests that arrived on time as well as complementary non alcoholic drinks on the beach to all the guests that needed a refreshment. The Drummers were “1st Project” and am stoked you enjoyed the rest of the production regards David!

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