GuerillaTactics at Fiction

With Fiction making a strong comeback in terms of cool spots to go and jol, they’re bringing us yet another ripper for this Friday the 8th of April:

This is what the rather creative bunch behind the party put together to describe the event in a nutshell:

Deep in the concrete jungle of CT lies a dormant group of rebels. This small group of fighters have been laying low for the past few months waiting for their perfect opportunity of attack… until now!

Gone are the days of freedom and justices for all. No longer do children play in the streets while their mothers watch and gossip. No more do fathers come home after a hard days work and lay with their wives. Something is wrong and someone is gonna have to pay!

Welcome to the fight!

Join guerrillaTactics and stand up for what you believe in.

The gifted peeps bringing the noise are:

Das Kapital
Bruce Willis??
Stone Age Citizens

*Half price drinks till 12*

Door: R10 with student card until 11
R30 without student card & after 11

Check out the official event page over HERE


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