Guerilla House return to Equilibrium Festival this month with their innovative Cannabis workshop

Guerilla House return to Equilibrium Festival this month with their innovative Cannabis workshop

Josh Potgieter and Imraan Samuels, the innovative duo behind the grassroots organisation called Guerilla House will be returning to Equilibrium Festival this month with another fresh and informative workshop. Guerilla House is a shared learning platform for the “experimentation and pursuit of urban household regeneration.” Using permaculture as their framework, this duo and their team offer an informal yet impactful training space where practical sustainability skills are explored, interconnectivity is deepened, and regeneration is actively engaged as a collective.

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Earlier this year Guerilla House hosted their permaculture workshop at Equilibrium Festival where they shared their passion for conservation and regenerative technologies with attendees. This spring they return to host their ‘How to Cannabis Privately’ workshop – an informative talk that will cover information on the cannabis plant itself, cultivation and how to utilise the plant for its medicinal properties from tinctures to balms with the focus being on how versatile the plant really is.

Guerilla House | How To Cannabis Privately

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EQ Festival-goers can look forward to diving deeper into the world of cannabis from transforming the plant into its many medicinal applications, cultivation and some of the current laws regarding the usage of the plant. But what makes Guerilla House so unique is that all their workshop’s on offer tie in together. “Our cannabis workshop is empowering participants to understand the multitude of useful properties the plant has to offer. From the medicinal properties to how useful the plant is in boosting fertility in the soil, how it attracts beneficial insects to help with pest management organically and everything in between. All our workshops are about whole system thinking.”

Guerilla House plans to publish a couple of new workshops in the near future such as a ‘Natural Building Workshop’, ‘Rocket Stove Workshop’ and ‘Spirulina Growing Workshop’ to name a few. For more information on Guerilla House and all their exciting workshops, visit their website, Facebook fan page and Instagram.

Catch Guerilla House at their ‘How to Cannabis Privately’ workshop at Equilibrium Festival – Spring Edition next weekend. RSVP to the event page and purchase your tickets right here.

Guerilla House | How To Cannabis Privately

We both enjoyed the first Equilibrium Festival – from taking part in the different workshops hosted to the variety of eco-conscious stalls showcased and of course the dancefloor! We were both very grateful to be apart of it, especially the interest of participants in our workshop. Excited to be a part of the second festival!”

Josh Potgieter and Imraan Samuels | Guerilla House

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