GROOVY TROOPERS – 28 / 29 March 2015

Groovy Troopers
“When we first broke into that forbidden box in the other dimension, we knew we had discovered something surprising and powerful…”


Journey to distant nebulae in a space-ship made of sound! Move with the immersive frequencies of intergalactic psytrance … Troop the cosmic Groove!

RINKADINK (mvx – es/sa) ::: 
OUTSIDERS (t.i.p – il) ::: 
VANA (mvx – es/sa) :::

Chabunk : The Commercial Hippies : Delphi :
Disco Volante : Gandalf : Kalahari Kris : Jester :
Mark : Parana : Prefix : Shockwave : Silo :
Sterealkey : Technicolor :

“Music is the sentinel of the cosmos”

Groovy Troopers line up


::: CYDONIA :::

Nestled in the Acidalia Planitia highlands of Mars (actually the scenic Groenberg near Wellington), this auspicious location features awesome mountain views, a gurgling brook and spacious green fields! It’s the perfect launching pad for space-voyagers … and, bonus, it’s only 80km’s from Cape Town!


Only 80km away from Cape Town!
– Take N1 from Cape Town toward Paarl.
– Take Exit 47, at stop, turn left towards Wellington / R44.
– Straight over 4-way stop with the orange warning light.
– At Traffic Light take a left into Stokery Road.
– Drive for 2.3km through Wellington Industrial Area.
– Take right turn into Oakdene Road.
– At T-Junction turn right towards Wellington on Nuwekloof Pass Road.
– Take the First left into Hexberg Road.
– At T-Junction turn right into Bovlei Road and carry on straight.
– At end of the road at Doolhof’s gate, turn left into Oaklands farm.
– Look out for signs!

GPS: 33° 37′ 42.89″S, 19° 4′ 53.05″E

“Humans, vegetables & cosmic dust … we all dance to a mysterious tune … wheeling through time-haunted megaparsecs”


::: EARTH HOUR+:::
Earth Hour celebrates a worldwide commitment to ongoing change for the betterment of the one thing that unites us all – the planet. Change Climate Change! Visit for more info.

GROOVY TROOPERS will celebrate Earth Hour by switching off the dance floor lights from 20h30-21h30. All the better to send a signal to any UFO’s that might be whizzing by, but also to deepen our awareness of the human energy footprint!



Phase 1 Early Bird – R250 @ Online + Fee
(available until 1 March) – SOLD-OUT.
Phase 2 Early Bird – R280 @ Online + Fee
(available until 15 March) – SOLD-OUT.
Grab your Early Bird Ticket while stocks last!

R320 @ Outlets
R320 @ Online + fee
Only from

R350 @ Gate

Sunday Funday
R280 @ Gate after 8am

Gates open Saturday at 10am.

MARKET: Apply for your stall before 15 March. Email to apply.

“… we set sail for the stars on an ocean of sound”


::: VENDORS :::
(No credit cards / debit cards)

CANAL WALK – Wild Fire Piercing – 0215528929
CBD: GARDENS – Global Girl – 0214611756
CBD: LONG STR. – Gypsy – 0214242994
KALK BAY – Gypsy – 0217886802
OBSERVATORY – Bohemian Lofts Backpackers – 0214476204
PLUMSTEAD – Earth DNA – 0837836742
SEA POINT – Call-a-Pizza (aftr 5pm) + Extra Fee – 0214340818
SOMERSET WEST – Old Skool Tattoos – 0713455096
STELLENBOSCH – Gypsy – 0218867157



Over the last 5 years, the Outsiders have moved from purveyors of classic full-on to a unique blend of Isreali and UK-flavoured psychedelic trance. Their production skills, singular sound and live presence have earned them kudos at festivals around the world, turning them into TIP world’s rising stars. Their resume is impressive: collaborators include respected purveyors of the UK psy-style such as Tristan, Avalon, Dicksterr and Laughing Buddha. Other notable confederates include Electric Universe, Burn In Noise, Symbolic, Altruism, Dj Lucasad, Ajja and Sonic Species. Their main source of inspiration, however, remains the crowds they have wowed on their global travels as well as that mysterious and ineffable quality of ‘otherness’ that colours the universe all shades of groovy. When asked about what informs the Outsiders’ unique sound-scapes, Haim Lev had the following to say: “space, astrobiology, the possibility of extraterrestrial contact and all the great unknowns!”


Rinkadink (aka. Vana) is one of SA’s main psytrance exports. Since 2002 he’s been releasing his own unique brand of psytrance, performing at festivals in more than 35 countries and in clubs in more than a hundred cities! His singular style is hard to pin down – consequently he can’t be bracketed in any particular subgenre of psytrance; in the Vana’s own words, he releases “music that’s hypnotic with interesting harmonies!” While in the past his style displayed an abstract (and even, at times, a slapstick) ethos, his more recent efforts have revealed a new and uncompromising style that some have dared to label as ‘post full-on psychedelic progressive’ or ‘psy-prog.’ Call it what you like, one thing is certain about Rinkadink: he knows how to deliver maximum energy and rock a dancefloor like no one else! As Vana explains, “my dance music never stays the same, it’s always in flux … it’s made in response to the dancefloor!”


RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED. Entry is entirely at your own risk. The promoters, venue and contractors accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Tickets are non-refundable. Only liquor sold at the bar are allowed on the dance floors. Jupiter MultiMedia: All rights reserved.

P:L:U:R: STRICTLY NO: Under18’s (ID on request), Glass bottles, Littering, Fires, Fireworks, Domestic animals, Graffiti, Bad attitudes, Weapons, Independent sound systems, illegal substances. Don’t drink & drive! Nominate a designated Driver!


Note: To prevent Ticket Scalping & Fake Tickets – All post for resale of tickets will be deleted from this event page. Please only buy from listed Vendors.

Should you wish to resell your ticket, please use your profile/status update and not the event page.

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