Groooooovy Baby! To The Motion Pool We Go!

Technology has a strange way of messing you around, just when you rely on it the most. This time around, technology set us back a good few hours, and caused us to miss some amazing artists! Due to prior arrangements, we couldn’t make the Friday or Saturday session of the event, so we decided we would leave just after the clock struck 12am on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, my cell phone alarm decided not to go off and we only woke up at 5:30. Hurrying along, throwing whatever we could find in the car to make up for lost time; we were safely on our way by 6am.

The drive there, something often overlooked in lieu of the music and decorations, was amazing. The area the venue is situated in is truly an amazing setting. I kept having to engage my 2nd in command as I kept taking my eyes off the road just to catch a quick glimpse of the craggy mountains and beautiful scenery as we drove in. As you know, Groovy Troopers are known for having immaculate venues. Seeing as this was a completely new venue, I had no idea of what to expect – except that it was a nature reserve.

As we rounded the final bumpy bend, we saw the security and gate tent come into view and knew we were mere minutes away from a solid stomp session. Nothing gets your blood pumping faster! The door people were as friendly and helpful as ever, which amped us up more and more to get onto that dance floor. As we were driving in, we were told that one of the dams on the venue had burst and that the parking area was slightly hard to get to. Little did they know that my White Lightning could make it over any terrain, nothing could stop us now.

Drinks were poured, shoes were removed & off to the dance floor we went. From the car park, it was a slight meander around the mountain the park was situated on. Groovy had set up two dance floors, one in a completely shaded area hidden over a bridge playing an array of different beats (but that wasn’t the time for that floor just yet), we needed the Motion Pool and that’s where we were headed.

The bass lines got louder as we approached the dance floor! Through some stalls and over a bridge we went as we entered the stomping ground. Once again, the Groovy Trooper team need a round of applause. The mission onto the dancefloor was a psychedelic one, if ever 😉 Arriving on the dance floor area was like walking into festival paradise. It was set up perfectly, the right amount of shade and some of the most psychedelic décor I have seen in a while. The sound was so loud I could feel my body vibrate as Tune Raider pounded the dance floor with her thumping and energetic beats. I knew that everything that had happened that morning up to this moment was now irrelevant, and the next 11 hours were all that mattered.

I had the luxury of seeing Logic Bomb many years ago in Cape Town. To get the opportunity to watch them on stage, seven years later was an absolute pleasure. Their sound was a distinctive old school progressive day sound, driving as all hell with some twisted psychedelic tweaks here and there, for good measure. I think a few people didn’t quite understand the sound and were a little put off but each to their own. I was in heaven, loving every beat and every mix they threw at us. You could see they were loving it too.

Headroom, a local favourite and someone that is making waves on the international front showed us exactly why. He came out thumping with a day time sound I like to call aggressive progressive and boy did he throw it down. He had the dance floor eating out his hand while he continued to belt out monster after monster. It’s truly an hour of sheer enjoyment watching Headroom, he ain’t scared to break it down a bit while he is on stage either. I think that this is one of the reasons (besides his massive talent) that he is so popular 😉 His energy, enthusiasm and love for the psy trance scene is palpable to his audience, and we become entwined in a symbiotic relationship of energy and happiness.

Now, here comes the point where I am not going to be nice… I really hope that the person responsible for this disgusting behaviour is reading this as well. During Duotekk’s set, one half of the legendary Logic Bomb, some douche bag threw what looked like a beer can and hit the DJ. Forgive me for not being so nice now, but if I had seen you, you fucking idiot, then I would have taken you around the back of the stage and made sure the bouncers sorted you out (otherwise I would have). Your complete lack of respect for a DJ (and ALL the equipment around that area), let alone the main international headlining act, is despicable. It made me sick inside seeing that, and even more embarrassed than I was sick. Luckily for us, Duotekk took it like the professional he is and shook it off and carried on DJing, looking slightly irritated I might add. If I ever see someone doing that around me, you better hope that I am in a good mood.

But enough about that, let’s get back to the goodness. Gandalf took over from Duotekk and again proved to me exactly why he is my favourite Cape Town day time DJ. He consistently pounds out the most enjoyable sets that will keep any dance floor bouncing into the later hours of the afternoon. Chabunk followed shortly after that and again, did a stellar job in driving the crowd on another psychedelic journey of twisted beats, day time stomping and some incredibly hot heat waves (this was NOT Chabunk’s doing, otherwise we’d have asked him to turn the heat down). I was extremely chilled by this stage, searching for any possibly shade I could throw myself under and enjoy the rest of the beats from the side of the dance floor. Stereal Key finished things off and I hate to be a downer when I say this but his set for me was not up to his usual standards. I was already fully in chill mode but it just seemed something was missing. Maybe I still had Logic Bomb and Headroom’s beats still pulsing through me but it was just lacking a little oooomph. Nevertheless, there were plenty of people around me that looked like they were having the time of their lives!

The walk back to the car was a slow one, taking in the day’s fun, enjoying the venue as we walked back around the mountainous region and relaxed in our car. That was one Groovy day I tell you, GROOVY!

I also had the privilege of talking to the owner of the farm for a few minutes. He told me that he had been extremely sceptical of throwing a trance party in his beloved nature reserve, but had decided to give it a chance anyway. He told me that he was astounded at the sense of community and family that had abounded over the weekend. He had seen people throw rubbish on the floor, and other people go and make them pick it up. I was quite impressed when I heard this, and I think that this is something everyone should have a little think about. Whoever those people were, we need more like you! The crowd at Groovy’s also seemed a little older than the crowd at a few of the other recent parties, and for us to give that as a first impression for the farmer, well, it was something special for me.

A massive thanks also goes out to Jacques and his team, you guys know how to throw a party and you know how to throw it BLADDY WELL.

PS: Next time, maybe just turn the heat down a little bit.

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  1. Too bad you missed the night jam, the most epic lasers and decor setup to blow your mind ever, never mind the awesome dj’s! Words cannot explain how good it was 😀

    1. Hey Francois, I am gutted that I missed it. I love a good visual display on the trance floor, can make any experience that much better. Glad it was awesome but rest assured, I will make sure I am at the next one 🙂

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