Groom Reacts Terribly After Seeing Bride For The First Time On “Married At First Sight”

I believe his exact words were "Oh Sh*t"

Married At First Sight is one of those shows that doesn’t make any sense, but makes for really good watching simply because it must be one of the most terrifying things out there to marry someone, not having ever laid eyes on them before. A TV producer (who’s job is to entertain the masses) gets to choose someone who they think would be perfect for you (the entertainment of the viewers).

The Australian version of the show is getting quite a bit of attention after the groom was visibly (and audibly) unhappy after seeing the woman he was supposed to be marrying at the alter, letting out an “Oh Sh*t” after laying eyes on Jo.

Whoa, Sean D made that awfully awkward, awfully quickly. Yeah – something tells me that this one isn’t going to work.

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