Grietfest Artist Profile – RudeOne

MCBN – How would you describe your sound?
RudeOne – In my sets I always try to cover the full spectrum of Drum & Bass, I am a really big fan of the darker stuff. I also like to throw a couple of classics into the mix. It all depends on the party and what the crowd is up for. There are so much good music out there, I can literally play for hours non stop.
Who are the artists that inspire you?
Local producers really stepped up their game over the last year or so and we have some amazing music coming out of SA. The likes of Mr Green, Vexille, Menticide, Lazerharkk, Icarus & Rain, just to mention a few, have all been pushing the boundaries when it comes to writing Drum & Bass. It is really inspiring to see South African artists doing big things and it is only a matter of time before these guys blow up on the international scene.
If you could choose one act, dead or live who you’d like to collaborate with – who would it be and why?
It would have to be UK Drum & Bass pioneer and Metalheadz Recordings boss, Goldie.. He recently turned his landmark album “Timeless” into a full orchestral score which was performed live at the Royal festival Hall in London. This has never been done before, this guy is a genius and to spend a day in the studio with him would be an invaluable experience.
What do you love most about your fans?
They are there for the music and a good time, nothings else matters
What is the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?
The first Science Frikshun Street Party in Newtown JHB with DJ Fresh (UK), Niskerone and the rest of the Science Frikshun crew. We have never done a Drum & Bass event of this scale before. Playing a sold out show of around 2500 people going off to Drum & Bass, in the middle of Johannesburg city was an experience I will never forget.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a gig you’ve played?
There was this Russian tourist guy at one of our Science Frikshun shows a while back. During my set, he managed to climb to the top of the line array speaker stack. He was sitting on top of the speakers for the duration of my set, no one could get him off the speakers and after my set I had to pull him down before he hurt himself or someone else. 
Where can we find out more about you online?
Twitter: @RudeOneSF

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