Grietfest Artist Profile – Adamski


We had the pleasure of chatting to Adamski as part of our Grietfest 2014 artist profiles – Find out more about the dnb star below:

MCBN – How would you describe your sound?

Adamski – Versatille drum and bass. I love all sub genres of dnb. Playing all different styles of dnb, mixing the two tunes that you think wont work together and making it work gets me on a very addictive high. Doesent always work out though so alot of practice and knowing your tunes!

Who are the artists that inspire you?

In drum and bass there is just to much artists that inspire me localy and out of our south African borders. I find myself going crazy every Monday online listening to new and old produced dnb, big or small named producers im always in for a big treat. My main dj inspirations since I started listening to dnb have been RudeOne and Andy C.

If you could choose one act, dead or live who you’d like to collaborate with – who would it be and why?

My answer to this question would change weekly haha but right now it would be Mefjus. Im sure when every dnb head hears a new tune of his today, jaws just drop. Would kill to see how he wrights his music in his studio these days and cant wait to see what he has got in his new album that he is working on, big things! If it were a non dnb act it would be Jimi Hendrix, that man’s music changed the world.

What do you love most about your fans?

The respect I get from them when starting a show, them allowing me to preach my visioned drum and bass in my head to them. At the end of the day it is my job as a dj to preach real drum and bass music to them and when I see they understand that it truly makes me happy inside. Also when I hear the chant “All I want to see is Adamski” love that to. Respect to all the fans.

What is the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?

My 21st birthday on the Tomorrow Never Happened stage at earthdance jhb 2013, don’t remember much, felt like 5 minitues but there were real vibes in the air that night. The last few Science Frikshuns that I have had a HUGE privlage to play also very memorable. The most memorable has to go to Addictshun, the first one I closed this year and the one I closed on the 10th of July. The beauty and quality of the sound at AND and the packed out club vibe Addictshun gets when students are on holiday, one word RAVE.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a gig you’ve played?

Nothing to crazy yet. Alot of bass vibrations moving everything on stage at Science Frikshun from the dj equipment to the drinks! But I guess that’s not to strange from Science Frikshun J

Where can we find out more about you online?



THANK YOU for having me – ADAMSKI


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