Grietfest 2016 Interview – Proxy

We're ramping up to Grietfest 2016 this week and had the chance to catch up with Proxy ahead of his gig in Jozi at the end of August

We’re getting quite excited for this year’s Grietfest up here in Jozi and were able to catch up with one of the event’s headlining artists and all around nice guy Proxy ahead of his set later this month. Here’s what went down:
MyCityByNight: Please enlighten us quickly as to where your name comes from?
Proxy: I think the biggest influence for my dj name was the Japanese anime movie Ergo Proxy, I mean I knew the word (proxy) before as an internet thing but that anime in particular was a good example of using it as a name.
MCBN: That’s a pretty good name story, if we ever did hear one. What inspires you musically? We have been taken on a rollercoaster with some of your past work. How do you do it?
P: When I was young before Proxy I was huge fan of the Prodigy, not just a fan who is listening their music but I was studying the process of making music using all the stuff around like samples and sounds from different styles etc. Prodigy was the only band for me which stayed apart of everything else with their aggressive dark and at the same time deep atmosphere.
MCBN: If it could be anyone, who would you most like to work with in the future?
I’m currently working with a lot of great producers and I can see that all of them want to make something new, something extraordinary so yeah I just want to keep it this way and want to work with these kinds of producers in the future.
MCBN: What do you think about the South African electronic music scene? Is this your first time in SA? What can we expect when you play at Grietfest this year?
P: All I heard about the South African scene is ZEF RAP and 2 movies filmed there (District 9 and Elysium) and Nelson Mandela of course… Never been there before but I’m sure I’ll have a great time there. Super excited to see people’s reactions on the floor!
MCBN:  Everyone will be more than up for what you’ll serve up – we can promise you that! Who else do you admire within the industry, and who are some young up and coming producers and DJs that we can look out for?
P: I really like Diplo and his current projects, I like his music vision and how he’s been pushing dance hall vibes through the years, becoming a more and more powerful producer who can produce everything he wants and people will love it. From new-coming producers I really like Billy Kenny and Jay Robinson – I’m always looking forward to their new music.
MCBN: If you were to go deaf in the next few months, how would you pay the rent?
P: Haha no idea actually.. Need to listen some good music to find the way out.

MCBN: Do the Kardashians belong on TV? If you could create your perfect reality TV show, what would it be?

P: I think my TV show will be like few producers making music in different rooms and the first one who did a track or something will get some food and others not… I know it sounds heavy but just curious what the hungry music will sound like. I wouldn’t join my TV show haha

MCBN: Amazing, I don’t think we’d rush in to sign up for it either if we’re being completely honest! Would you mind giving us a quick run down of your most recent party antics – any crazy stories we should know about?
P: My personal number one party was in Melbourne a few years ago, where after my super hot show I signed someone’s Passport and wrote there “Proxy Was Here” As I remember that was an Irish passport.. So he is probably stuck in Australia for some time…
MCBN: What are your top three tracks at the moment?
Proxy – 8000 (2016 Edit)
Haezer x Proxy – God Mode
Oliver Klein – Jeton
What a character! For more information about Grietfest and to book your own tickets check out this link.

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