Grietfest 2016 Interview – Lektrique

In our latest Grietfest 2016 Interview we get to chat to Lektrique... get ready to rage!

Lektrique 8-1

While we ready ourselves for a much bigger and better Grietfest this year, we were lucky enough to catch up with headlining artist, Lektrique to chat a little bit more about the inspiration behind his music and some of what we can expect from him during this year’s event.

MyCityByNight: Please enlighten us quickly as to where your name comes from?
Lektrique: I was looking for something that sounds like 100% sweg and i was really into electro. At first it was Lektrik but then i added a little french touch and it became, Lektrique.

MCBN: What inspires you musically? We have been taken on a rollercoaster with some of your past work. How do you do it?

I draw inspiration from a lot of things. Movies, artists I like, pictures… I create a story in my head for each song, so I know what the song is about and I can add elements that fit its universe.

MCBN: If it could be anyone, who would you most like to work with in the future?

A few of my all time heros are Noisia, Kill The Noise, Feed Me/ Spor…

MCBN: What do you think about the South African electronic music scene? Is this your first time in SA? What can we expect when you play at Grietfest this year?

I don’t know it well enough. I love Haezer, so to me, he is the South African scene. You can expect absolute mayhem, we’re going to rage hard into the night!

Lektrique 2

MCBN:  Who else do you admire within the industry, and who are some young up and coming producers and DJs that we can look out for?

I love and admire Black Tiger Sex Machine,just the 3 of them started Kannibalen and grew it into the madness it is today. There’s a lot of upcoming producers I like. I usually invite them all to do a guest mix on our Kannibalen Radio podcast.

MCBN: If you were to go deaf in the next few months, how would you pay the rent?

There would be no more rent to pay probably… but I might just focus on skateboarding then.

MCBN: Do the Kardashians belong on TV? If you could create your perfect reality TV show, what would it be?

I dont find reality TV interesting, so I definitely dont get why anyone would watch the Kardashians… perfect reality TV would probably be about a touring artist partying hard & making killer tunes.

MCBN: Would you mind giving us a quick run down of your most recent party antics – any crazy stories we should know about?

Well… last night apashe, Krimer, Phaseone and I got super fakt, took a Uber to the top of the Mount Royal and danced on top of a detuned piano while getting even more trashed.

MCBN: Omg, wow, that sounds EPIC! What are your top three tracks at the moment?

Noisia – Collider
Soltan – Jadu
Eptic x Habstrakt – Lazor 3000

For more info about Grietfest and where to get tickets, check out this link

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