Grey Goose Charity Boy Auction at Cafe Caprice

It is officially Mooiness Month and the peeps at Grey Goose Vodka have decided that the best way to honour women is through a boy auction. Following on from the success of the 2009 and 2010 Boy Auction, 150 of Cape Town’s ladies will be in attendance at Café Caprice for a night of naughty boy bidding (can’t believe that I just wrote that) on 7 August 2011 to celebrate Women’s Day, courtesy of Grey Goose.

If you’re keen to attend, make sure that you’re there early at 18:30 sharp, as it is a first come-first served affair. Once there all the mooiness will be ushered into the cordoned-off Groove Bar section reserved for ladies only, to receive a delicious Grey Goose cocktail, as well as their bidding paddle. The MC for the evening is Poppy from 5FM and she will be the one tasked with explaining how the evening will work, encouraging the ladies to bid high for a good cause and letting them know what cool prizes they can win. Each of the 5 men up for ‘sale’ will then come out one by one to be asked a few questions by the MC and get the audience going, before the bidding starts. The opening price will start at R500 and will climb from there, with a target of R20 000!

Along with the best prize for each of the 5 winning girls – their dream auction man – they will also receive a host of other amazing prizes including an unforgettable group date. All money raised on the evening will go to The Gift Bearers Association, a feeding scheme in Cape Town that aims to give 300 orphaned and underprivileged children a daily nutritional meal and an annual Christmas Gift shoebox which provides an opportunity for those more privileged to share hope and contribute to the minimising of future malnutrition-related mortality. The costs per month to feed 300 children are R114 763, so they need all the help they can get, and, judging by the last 2 Boy Auctions having raised R16 000 and R18 000 respectively, we are hoping to cut out a good chunk of those costs.

Learn more about the Gift Bearers Association Shoebox project here:!/group.php?gid=27127535120

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