Green Screen Footage Of Jessica Alba Stripping In Sin City 2

jessica alba sin city 2

Sin City 2 was one of those movies that polarized everyone who watched it into those that thought it was absolutely superb and then those that thought it was a complete and utter snorefest. Just last week however, some green screen footage of Jessica Alba stripping in Sin City 2 emerged on the interwebs, catapulting her firmly back into contention for sexiest woman out there.

The behind the scenes footage puts the process of making the film into perspective, highlight the fact that it’s often pretty difficult to get into character and imagine what the computer generated World around you is going to look like when the movie goes into final production (that’s if you can get past the whole Jessica Alba gyrating in her knickers thing).

All in all, just another good reason to watch the film again.

PS I love you Jessica Alba.

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