Green Power- Getting off the Grid

After the recent announcement from Eskom over a proposed tariff hike of 45% every year for the next three years we, at MyCityBynight decided to flip the national energy supplier the bird and provide you our much beloved blog followers with some methods for getting off of the national electricity grid or at bare minimum reducing your monthly electricity costs with green power.

Using insulation

Using ceiling insulation will keep your porsie cooler in summer and also a whole lot warmer in winter, which translates directly to a reduction in energy use. It’s also not a bad idea to get some insulation for your geyser hooked up as this will greatly reduce the amount of electricity it takes to heat up your water.

Solar geyser water heating-

It’s a well known fact that your geyser is the biggest culprit in using electricity and raising your energy consumption in your whole house. By switching to solar geyser water heating you can expect to reduce your monthly electricity bill by around half and be entitled to a range of incentives from Eskom for becoming more eco-friendly.

Solar panels-

Due to us living in a country where- for the most part- sunshine is fairly abundant, this is a great way to score some free juice from that big ball of burning gas in the sky, the sun. Initial costs for installation of one of these systems are still a little high locally but one of these units will pay for themselves within no time with monthly savings on Eskom supplied electricity. Its also not a bad idea to get a battery and inverter set up installed in connection with your solar electricity unit for those instances where the Cape Town weather decides not to play nicely, leaving you to shiver through 5 cold fronts after each other with absolutely no sun.

Gas power-
Gas can be used to run stoves, provide heating and even supply households with electricity for other appliances. In Cape Town you need have gas cylinders installed in accordance with fairly strict safety laws– which is a good thing, considering that being blown up by one these suckers is never going to end well for anyone. These cylinders obviously need to be refilled periodically and most companies that install them, offer this service at the touch of a couple of numbers dialled from your phone when needed. Gas is currently more expensive than electricity but at least you’ll always be able to cook a meal and watch some TV regardless of whether Eskom has decided to re-instate its awesome plan of rolling black-outs when the national power grid becomes too taxed.

See at MyCityBynight, we like to save the world and save you money all at the same time.

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