Gravity Dogz bomb the Kloof Nek camera again & someone ended up taking a major wipe out

The Gravity Dogz are back but this time, one of the skaters takes an unfortunate bail...

Remember back in 2013 when Décio Lourenço Spoofed the Kloof Nek camera with a bunch of local Cape Town skaters and climbed the ranks quickly as one of the top viral videos of the year, hitting views across the globe?

Well, just last week Decio & the Gravity Dogz got together to give Kloof Nek and the camera another run and once again the footage they captured is exhilarating.

Hitting the camera over 60km/h things takes an unfortunate yet epic turn toward the end – watch the carnage unfold toward the last quarter of this video…

Mad respect to these downhill madmen.

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