Gran Turismo 5 Launch Video

Following on from Stacky’s awesome car game theme, I thought that the release of one of the longest running game series by the name of Gran Turismo 5 deserved a mention.

Gran Turismo has always been at the forefront of what was possible with gaming machines and their ability to mirror real life driving accuracy with pain-staking detail- right down to how each car sounds and how much quicker that difference in rim kreb weight makes to acceleration out of the bends (oh yes, its motor porn).

This edition is no different with the detail of racing being so close to real life that you could probably learn to drive on the “Real driving Simulator” that is Gran Turismo 5.

If you’re still wondering whether to purchase the game or not just take a look at the Gran Turismo 5 (which came out for PS3 on Wednesday) launch video.

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