Gordon Ramsay Tells Hotel Owner That His Art Collection Is Worth $25K Instead Of $300K

Watch Gordon Ramsay Tell A Hotel Owner That His Art Collection Is Worth Only $25K & Not The $300K That He's Convinced It Is

Sometimes you just need to sit back and watch some mindless TV when you’re sitting around the house. One of my favourites for passing the time has to be the likes of Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell, which is centered around the famous tv chef going around the world to visit hotels that are in a spot of trouble due to mismanagement, with him doing his best to try and fix them to the point where they’re profitable once again.

As per the usual process the show is filled with Ramsay-esque profanity and features him dishing out advice around how the hotel owners can improve. In the clip we’re looking at today, a self described art connoisseur gets some rather tough love from Ramsay after he finds out that the art collection that he owns is worth far less than what he had originally thought.

It’s absolutely brutal, especially when you consider the fact that Robert (the hotel owner) is losing $15-$20K and that he no longer has a nest egg to cover these losses.


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