Gordon Ramsay On Coke Looks Like It’s The Best Reality Show On TV Right Now

Gordon Ramsay On Coke Gives Us Insight Into The Murky Underworld Of Cocaine

Gordon Ramsay is one of our favourite chefs, mainly due to his pure candor and vulgar language (we don’t trust people that DON’T swear). He has a brand new show called “Gordon Ramsay On Coke”, which has been getting quite a bit of attention, mostly because it sounds like the whole show is going to be about the chef getting totally smashed on a few lines. I’m really sorry to dash these dreams, but the show is actually a bit of a documentary around the murky underworld of the production and sale of the white.

The show is on ITV (Channel 123 on DStv) and features Gordon travelling the World and meeting some of the people involved in the illegal activity in a bid to shed some light on it, hopefully leading to less people wanting to get involved whether through use or sale of the drug. In the clip we’re having a look at today, Ramsay heads to meet up with one of London’s cocaine kingpins, who even lets him hold £140,000 of snow while doing the interview:

Damn, that looks good (the show, not the coke). Remember… drugs are bad mkay?

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