Gordon Ramsay Just Got Tuned For Making A Bad Pad Thai

Not so smart now hey Gordon?

We’ll basically watch anything with Gordon Ramsey in it here at MyCityByNight just because of how funny it is when he blasts other chefs for preparing terrible food using literally every single swear word known to man. What you never see if Ramsey eating humble pie and being told that something that he’s made isn’t up to standard by another chef.

That’s exactly what happened when Ramsay visited the Blue Elephant Thai restaurant in London during filming of the 5th season of his show The F Word after deciding that he’d knock together a quick Pad Thai for head chef, Chang to check out. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but let’s just say that his Pad Thai, left Chef Change rather unimpressed:

Mega lols to see Gordon all timid like that!

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