Gor Flsh LP – metal and electro mixed

Mosh pits used to be something reserved for long haired people who like to wear black but now thanks to acts like Gor Flsh those who like their electro hard can also join the fun and experience the joy of an elbow to the face.

Gor Flsh is an angry French-Canadian metalhead, who’s also passionate about electronic music and he’s managed to blend the two together to form an aggressive, uncompromised and brutally beautiful sound. If you’re a fan on Haezer or La Castle Vania, you’ll be quite familiar with this balls to the wall style of electro. He composes and plays the music he wants to hear, a mix between sludge, death metal, hardcore, electro and dubstep.

Gor Flsh’s debut album is out on the 26th of March on Beatport, Itunes, Juno and the majority of digital retailers, featuring 7 mind-blowing original tracks, 2 remixes by Cosmic Sand and Rocket and a death metal rework by the master of the kind Sawagii

Check out the promo track and get ready to have your ears hammered! (in a good way)

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