GoPro falls out of a plane, lands in a pig pen & then gets eaten by a pig

go pro falls from plane pigs

The following clip begins with some guy up in a plane filming the ground below as the plane streaks across the skyline. Moments after the video starts, the guy drops his camera (by mistake) and what ensues is some of the craziest footage I’ve ever seen.

While the GoPro camera tumbles towards the floor you get to see a view of what it must have been like for Felix Baumgartner when he was tumbling to the ground after leaping from the edge of space in that Redbull stunt. After a couple seconds of free fall the camera lands in a pig pen (of all places), after which it is promptly gobbled up by a hungry piggy. Apparently the person who eventually found the camera and uploaded the video, said that she only came across the GoPro a full 8 months after the incident had happened. Crazy.

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