Google Project Glass: Control the Internet from your specs

This week has been rather large in terms of technological advancements with Google giving the globe a sneak peak into the future of full integration of between the real world and online world with their aptly titled “Project Glass”.

The Project Glass page on Google+ confirmed rumours that Google was working on special technology laden eyewear that was capable of merging the online world with the real world. Some of the Project Glass team members added:

“We think technology should work for you – be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t,”

“A group of us from Google X (Labs) started Project Glass to build this kind of technology; one that helps you explore and share your world.”

How it works is these sliver framed glasses come equipped with tiny cameras and and on-lens display (similar to a HuD, heads up display) to show you useful info like walking directions supplied by Google Maps, weather forecasts or even your latest Google + message from people in your circles. All the commands are controlled via a built in microphone linked to the net.

Not to get anyone into a complete frenzy Google followed the post up with an official statement:

“We took a few design photos to show what this technology could look like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable you to do,”

“We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input.”

So it’s not going to be available for purchase any time soon then? Have a look at the video they put together below and let us know if you’d purchase these.

Here’s the video of Google’s glasses from YouTube:

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  1. fuggin awesome! my bank account may not be, but i’m so ready for this technology. coooool

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