Google has hidden a mini tennis game in its search results to celebrate Wimbledon

Image | Digital Trends


Google is known for its quirky celebratory gestures for major holidays, famous birthdays and sporting events. So it’s no surprise then when they decided to honour Wimbledon – which is taking place this month with a cleverly hidden tennis game in its search results, and its one of many mini-games Google has hidden.

So how does it work? To launch the game you need to type ‘Wimbledon‘ in the search box on either your smartphone or laptop/desktop and look for the small green tennis ball in the search results box next to the ‘mixed doubles’ option. Click the tennis ball icon to start the game.

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If you’re playing on a PC, you’ll have to use the keyboard arrow buttons to move your character. On a mobile device, you’ll play by dragging your character across the screen. Characters in the game vary from animals to an astronaut and even Google’s Android mascot – the green robot.

Other hidden mini-games available on Google right now include some classic video games like ‘Atari Breakout’ and ‘Pac-Man.’ You can play either of these games just by typing the titles into Google’s search engine, although you must navigate to the images tab to play “Breakout.”

And of course, least we forgot the beloved dinosaur game that appears in Chrome when there’s no internet connection available – just tap the dino to start playing.

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