Goodluck Video Diary. Pt 1


Goodluck are now fully into their South Africa tour after their first gig at Shugar last night in PE. They have sent us their first installment of their tour. They will be sending us video updates as they go along, from city to city, event to event and everything else that happens along the way. To Ben, Juliet and Raiven – enjoy it guys and have a blast, we looking forward to seeing how everything falls into place and especially the final gig at The Fez. Rock it hard guys and girl!


Ahhh, the life!

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  1. do well guys!!! i know you will, waiting for ya back home in the mother land 😀

  2. 10th of December – Fez in Cape Town Brad, we going to rock it out so hard with the Goodluck crew 🙂 yeeeeeeah!

    1. @Brad- I concur with Kreg… You have to be there bro! Its going to be off the hook!

  3. I would wish you luck, but you dont need it, YOU ARE GOODLUCK! We love you guys! Rock it!
    Bring on Fez!

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