GoodLuck team up with YOUNOTUS for a new track “The Open Sea” (Video)

GoodLuck team up with YOUNOTUS for a new track "The Open Sea" (Video)


If you’ve been following MCBN over the past few years, you’d know that we’re absolutely massive supporters of the local electronic music masterminds GoodLuck, so naturally we were quite excited to hear about a brand new single. The talents from GoodLuck joined up with German duo YouNotus in their Berlin studio recently to craft their latest hit single; The Open Sea. Here’s what GoodLuck had to say about the project:

“There was a synergy working with Gregor and Tobias which manifests in the way this song effortlessly transports you into summer”

said Ben Peters (Producer GoodLuck)

“I was thinking of those incredible holiday romances that feel like they’re gonna last forever – even though you know they are just fleeting moments.”

says Jules (Vocalist GoodLuck)

After giving the tune a listen (a good number of times) we can confirm that it has all the essentials required to make it a proper hit locally for the rest of Summer and then make the transition to the European Summer quite effortlessly. Add GoodLuck’s sultry vocals and organic sounds to the deeper grooves of the Berlin underground and you have a definite hit on your hands.

The Open Sea is the fourth single from GoodLuck’s critically acclaimed 3rd album, The Nature Within released in October 2016. The album is the product of a year long journey and exploration across the globe that has resulted in an an expansion in the GoodLuck sound without compromising on the magic that has made GoodLuck a fan favourite around the world.

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