Goodluck: Taking it Easy Official Video

So last week MyCityByNight had the rather auspiscious honour of meeting up with the uber talented peeps from Goodluck for a spot of cocktails and a fantastic Cape Town sunset. You could say that we were Taking it Easy (ha- see what I did there).

We got chatting about their upcoming nationwide tour to promote the launch of their new album. Kreg and I were lucky enough to listen to the entire album at Goodluck‘s studio a month or so back and let me just say that we were rather impressed. These guys and girl have progressed miles since the days of their earlier stuff and have developed a rather unique and International Electro Swing style that is going to make these musos super famous.

While chatting to Ben and Jules at Sapphire over a Cape Town sunset we were shown the video of for the first single off the album entitled Taking it Easy. The video was shot around the fairly beautiful surrounds of Cape Town and centres around the idea of a summer romance and “the first kiss”. If there ever was an anthem for Summer around the world than this would most definately be it!

Being the rather naughty kids that we are- MyCityByNight figured that we would use the rather convenient bathroom break that Jules & Ben took (not in the same bathroom… this time) to slap our trusty memory stick into the laptop they had left behind with us to “borrow” the new music video before its official release to share it with all of you, the MyCityByNight alumni. Apparently the video’s director had a similar idea and tried to post it last night on the Goodluck fanpage– promptly causing him to be persecuted and fed to a pack of wild Llamas- eeek, hope Goodluck doesnt mind us doing this one.

So without further ado- here is the official video for Goodluck‘s new single- Taking it Easy (ps watch right until the end!!)

You can check out the official Goodluck tour fan page to see when they’re going to be in your city. Do us a favour- go check em out- they’re the best live act that we’ve seen (yes that does include the likes of Goldfish too). Ha there… I said it! 🙂


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    1. awesome, awesome music. Wow, south african. Brilliant never would have guessed. “Taking it easy” gives me chills and makes me instantly happy!!!!

      1. It truely is one of the best things to come out of South Africa musically in AGES. And they’re super down to earth as well- top notch 🙂

  1. @TheFilmo I believe it was shot on Red and graded by Blake Prinsloo 🙂
    Same crew who did the WillMono MKMVP. 🙂

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