GoodLuck Netherlands Tour Diary (Entry 2)

Travel Diary Day 2, 3, 4 and 5 (written by Ben)

Day 2 :

Found us easing into the Leiden lifestyle as we wondered around the incredible Saturday Market – basically the whole town gets together and buys cheese and ham. And pretty much anything else you can imagine – it’s a wonderful street market. We picked up some groceries and headed round to Eric’s family home to enjoy a traditional Dutch dinner with Jeroen (you may remember him from our previous tour) who is promoting our gig on Tuesday in Leiden. After an amazing evening and some quite serious discussions about the universe we headed home, walking down the quiet streets reminiscing with Jeroen about his Summer Jazz Festival. (Cant begin to describe how nice it is to walk home at night and feel completely safe!)

Day 3 :

So having embarked on this return trip to the Nethelands I had taken it upon myself to re-invent the wheel when it comes to our performance equipment. Ever striving to bring you the best and phattest sound I spent the entire lead up to this tour redesigning and investing in some incredible gear… the only problem was that I spent so much time getting everying built into custom cases and fine tuned – that I hadnt had a chance to test anything. Which in the event of anything going wrong would’ve left us up sh*t creek without a paddle.  Luckily Eric came to the rescue and organised a last minute rehearsal for us at a friends club… “pause for suspense”… everything worked perfectly! The new setup sounds amazing and although it has a few teething issues, it’s a massive improvement!

We left straight from the rehearsal and headed for Eindhoven, a 2 hour drive south for our first show back in Holland.  Club Bermuda is a new club in the city and had had BassKleph (who recently tore a new one at Trinity) jamming the previous Sunday. After an exhaustive soundcheck – which if you know us well is a very unusual luxury, we relaxed in the club waiting for our 2am performance time. Did I mention it was a Sunday? Did I mention it was a new club? Perhaps you can see where this is going… 01:45 and there are about 20 people in the club, which by the way, isnt that small. 2am came and by some small miracle people had arrived – not a lot by any means, but enough for Jules to sink her teeth into!

Eric (the Legend as he is coming to be known) drove us home after a fun, intimate gig that had let us shake off any cobwebs we may have picked up on the long flight over, and got us back to our hotel at a chilly 5am…

Day 4 :

Monday morning slipped by and we woke to a dimly lit afternoon,  crawled out of bed and went in search of a good strong cappuccino. Nursing the kind of sleep hangover that only comes from missing out on the better part of a days sunlight. An uneventful afternoon lead to an equally uneventful dinner at an Italian place called Donatellos. The Dutch aren’t big on Italian cooking it seems… The night picked up however when Eric called and invited us to an open mic night at a local jazz club – Twee Spiegels to play some impromtu jazz… Raiven and Jules jammed it up whilst I sampled the proprietors incredible wine collection.  It was quite good… and very French.

Day 5:

Tuesday we went to The Hague for an interview and a live performance on Radio West. Whilst setting up for the show we discovered Raivens saxophone was badly damaged. With the usual inginuity and little tweaking Rave managed to get it working for the on air performance but it would need to bit properly sorted out before the show in Leiden that night. So whilst Eric drove Raiven to a nearby town that had a repair facility – Jules and I set up and soundchecked at Qbus, the venue for our first sold out show in The Netherlands. Did I mention it was sold out? Our second time back in this amazing town and already the movement has begun! And what an amazing gig it was! Such a great audience and great venue that pretty much rocked our world! We rounded off a perfect day at the Twee Spiegels to celebrate with some champaigne and our crazy Dutch friends!


And that ends off the second installment of an incredible tour so far….

GoodLuck and Goodnight.

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