GoodLuck Netherlands Tour Diary (Entry 1)

Tour Diary Netherlands 1 (by Jules)

After a mother of a flight (9 hours) on board a daytime Emirates flight to Dubai we arrived only to discover we had a 7 HOUR (!?!?!) layover before leaving for Schipol, Amsterdam. So we milled about the (surprisingly packed for 2am) famous Dubai duty free and then quickly realised that we were super tired and needed some shuteye so we went on a mission (dodging through the crowd of Birkas) to find somewhere we could sleep. I must say people pretty much sleep everywhere in Dubai Airport – if the space is more than 1.5m someone will be sleeping there guaranteed.  Eventually we found a place called ‘Snooze Cube’ which was a complete Godsend – a mattress, a blanket and a cube – I never thought I could be so excited about this prospect! After a 3 hour, pretty expensive sleep we made the final mission to our gate and then it was off to Amsterdam!

Arriving in Amsterdam we were slightly delayed because Customs decided to go through our 1 bag of clothing. Never mind the fact that 3 of our other bags contained all out gear, which, lets face it, could easily be mistaken for a bomb or something, but noooo the clothing bag looked more suspicious apparently?! After a bit of a wait we finally got our bag and went through to meet our tour manager Eric.

Now about Eric…  How many tour managers / promoters (usually personified as sweaty, slimy, and a little has-beeny) would come an meet you at the airport, help you to his brilliant old van and have Stroop Waffles and Chocolates shaped in the first letter of your name waiting for you on the front car seat?? Incredible Guy – and the reason we are starting to make progress in Holland!! He took us straight to Sugar Factory in Amsterdam to check out the venue for our last gig and go through some technical things specs and WOW what an awesome venue! Right across the road from Melkweg (the infamous dance theatre club) as well.  We had a great meeting and were completely blown away by the level of detail and professionalism the organisers had gone to, have also never seen so many lights in 1 venue…

After that we finally arrived at our Hotel in Leiden and after a short shower had a homely dinner with Eric and his family at their place. Such amazing Dutch hospitality – already feeling super lucky to be here!

Till tomorrow… GoodNight and GoodLuck

PS (Just found out our show in Leiden is almost Sold out – INCREDIBLE!!!)

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  1. don’t forget to bring me some stroopwafels yo! See you when you’re back 🙂

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