Good Luck Paris

Live electronic band GoodLuck are kicking 2015 off with a bang! They are spreading their wings again in Europe, this time tackling the electro swing world capital – Paris. The infamous act from Cape Town, who have already conquered festival stages in Germany, Holland, Ireland and the UK are taking their infectious beats to the Parisian audiences on the 23rd of January at Le Reservoir and on the 4th of February at Le Trac Club. 

When asked why they had chosen France as their next target in their European campaign the band had this to say… “we were actually just looking at the our fans on youTube and it turns out there are literally thousands of fans in France and we had no idea until we looked at where our views were coming from and saw that after SA and The Netherlands, the French were tuning into our music.” 

Put like that it seems like a pretty obvious choice, and with the indomitable spirit with which GoodLuck have made their impact on the global music scene the French are in for a treat.

Good Luck Paris 1

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