GoodLuck Album featuring “Taking it Easy” in Stores Now

After just about every radio station in South Africa has been bombarded by phonecalls, texts and emails from crazy fans trying to find out where they could buy the album of the group who knew exactly what “taking it easy” really- this rather talented trio has finally decided to drop their album in South Africa.

The much anticipated self-titled GoodLuck Album is launching exclusively to Musica and Look & Listen Stores from today, Wednesday the 13th of April 2011. The wait for the album has also been well worth it, with the news that both Musica and Look & Listen will be selling their own unique album featuring a free bonus disk to add to the 12 original GoodLuck tracks. The album obviously features SA chart-topper ‘Taking it Easy’ as well as their new single ‘Hop on Hop off’ and looks like its going to go on to sell massive amounts both locally and internationally (come on, guys this is your chance to really get to know Jules, Ben & Raiven before they’ll all super famous and opening for Faithless and stuff). Oh and when you get it- please give a little listen to London Sixteen66- it is going to be MASSIVE- do you hear me- MASSIVE when it is released as a single mark my words!

If you get to a Musica store you’ll receive a free remix disk with 10 international remixes by Wez Clarke (Ministry of Sound UK); The 808’s (Australia); Stefano Noferini (Italy and Beatport producer of the year 2011); Lissat and Voltaxx (Germany); Miami Inc (USA) and our own homegrown favourites Pascal and Pearce (yeah boys).

If you decide to get down get to a Look & Listen store you will receive a free bonus DVD which has a 22min feature ‘The Taking it Easy Documentary’ as well as the ‘Taking it East Music Video’ for your enjoyment.

It really is freaking awesome- GoodLuck has given the consumer a choice around what extras they would like with the album… it’s up to us to get to the music store we like more.

Check out the latest GoodLuck Music Video for ‘Hop on Hop off’ directed by Kyle Lewis of Dirty Soul Productions over below:

We were on the set of this when it was being filmed and to be honest, the end product is simply mind blowing. GoodLuck- you peeps are setting the standard for local music- keep at it and the World will be your oyster 🙂

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