GOODLUCK Add to Their String of Empowering Hits with New Global Release, ‘Chasing Dreams’


When three musicians come together to make music, there are three perspectives, three ideologies and energies to balance. This may prove difficult for some artists, but for GoodLuck, it only solidifies their already varied skill set and allows the band to craft songs that strike an unusual chord with fans from all over the world.

Off the back of their nine #1 charting hits on national radio, a SAMA 2017 Award for Best Pop Album, as well as their recent chart and radio success on recent release ‘Be Yourself’ in The Netherlands, the band is going for the double digits with their latest single ‘Chasing Dreams’. The single has been signed by top Dutch record label Armada Music for worldwide release as well as Sony Music Africa for South Africa.

Delivering an uplifting message that pairs well with the vocals from songstress Juliet Harding and the cutting grooves, the band has become known for, ‘Chasing Dreams’ sees GoodLuck conjure up something truly magical.

Upbeat, uplifting and with just a dash of nostalgia, this song connects with fans who belong on the dance-floor as well as those who simply love to listen to music with a message.

 “When I wrote ‘Chasing Dreams’, I had this overwhelming feeling, one that we needed to share with the world.

At the time, it felt like everything was working against me, and trying to stay positive and motivated was becoming harder and harder. There was a person who came into my life who helped me see that freedom from my fears was the only thing I actually needed, I was letting my own insecurities weigh me down… the choice was mine to follow my heart and not let anything stand in the way of my dreams. And I really wanted to share this message with our fans.

No matter how difficult the circumstances are, you always have a choice to keep following your dreams with an open heart and love in your bones. That’s the story of ‘Chasing Dreams’.” – Juliet Harding, lead vocalist for GoodLuck


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