Goodleaf – Cape Town’s very first CBD dispensary is open for business

Goodleaf - Cape Town's very first CBD dispensary is open for business


Goodleaf, the company behind the distribution of premium CBD oils, has just announced the opening of its flagship store situated in the heart of Cape Town. Immaculately designed, the 40m-square space can be found in the recently renovated Tiny Empire building on Buitenkant Street in the East City Precinct.

Founded by Jonni Katz and Warren Schewitz, Goodleaf opened its store shortly after Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi legalised the sale of Cannabidiol (CBD) by anyone, not just pharmacists, without prescription in late May.

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Customers can expect a tranquil yet social environment that offers a selection of premium hemp-derived CBD products including vapes, drops and different creams from leading international brands Select CBD, Dr Kerklaan and Herb Essentials.

Goodleaf | Image: Cape Town Etc.

The store embodies everything Goodleaf stands for – open and accessible, sophisticated and stylish. We always believed there was a huge opportunity to offer consumers an educated and curated experience in a welcoming environment.” – Goodleaf CEO, Jonni Katz

Cannabidiol or CBD is the healing, an anti-inflammatory compound found predominately alongside THC and in Marijuana plants. CBD is extracted from the plant and in most cases, 100% of the THC (the psychoactive compound) is removed. What is left is a miracle solution for many people. CBD has been reported to be a successful treatment for anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and is used by both adults and children to treat symptoms of everything from arthritis to seizures.

CBD is non-psychoactive, it does not get the patient ‘high,’ it is none habit-forming and has zero to no side effects at all – other than regenerating your beautiful cells.

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The healing marijuana compound CBD is now fully legal to buy and sell in South Africa

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