Goodbye Tinder, Hello Waving.

I can’t think of how many Tinder horror stories I’ve heard and each time I  hear a new one, I am hardly surprised. The quick-dating app and many like it truly are a high stakes gamble – you’re matched upon a whim, encapsulating your entire date on often deceiving edited pictures and a short bio, I mean what could go wrong?

Well, one new app is putting a fresh spin on the already creepy realm of online dating, introducing Waving, a dating app that matches candidates via their voices. Yup, that means no pictures, I mean again, what could go wrong?

So candidates sign up and list what they are looking for in a partner, then via sexy algorithm magic, you are shown your list of faceless matches of whom all have voice recordings for you to listen to and ‘connect’ with.

Here’s exactly how the app works and if your’e game – download your IOS version right here.


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