Golfer Smashes Duck With Power Drive

Golfer Smashes Duck With Power Drive

I’ve never been one who is big into golf or harming animals, but the sheer bizarre nature of this video, made it worth a post. In the video below we get to see golfer Ryan Gray tee off on the 18th hole at the recent TPC Sawgrass in Florida, when he cracks what can only be described as a one in a billion shot.

He tees off and then manages to hit a passing bird/duck with the shot, instantly killing (well I assume it died, due to the ferocity of the drive). Gray was apparently forced to take an extra stroke for killing the bird and also had to deal with the sadness associated with killing an innocent animal. Shame, poor guy!

I really hope that Gray doesn’t have too many sleepless night as a result of his final hole actions.

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