Goldfish at Central Park Century City: Review


We’re massive fans of Goldfish here at MyCityByNight and we were not dissappointed by their first big gig on their return from tour to South Africa. The venue chosen was a place that we had never heard of before this event called Central Park in Century City. Central Park is basically a big circular park with some office/residential type buildings around the outside of it- apparently it has been known to be used for corporate events in the past.

We briefly struggled to find the place because the signage wasnt really big enough or very helpful, but we eventually got there because of our superb combined navigation skills. We arrived at around 2ish and were greeted by quite a festive looking crowd, who had proceeded to arrange themselves like you would for any Kirstenbosch style summer picnic concert. After checking out all of the fancy press stuff and hidden trapdoors, a spot for MyCityByNight was selected, from which we would be able to picnic and enjoy the music.


These guys might kill me (because they’re from like Belville or something) but I honestly think that the beatbox group called D7Live (I think) were quite shoddy. They basically went through a list of some of my favourite songs and murdered them, one by one with their combined beatboxing “skills” – there were 7 of them. Personally I just dont think its Ayoba to play your own remixes of the main act’s best selling tunes before they come on and on top of that do a very bad job at it. Bleh.


When Goldfish finally came on at 3 everyone instantly got up and was treated to a pretty sick visual intro on the big screens before having the fishies rock the Central Park crowd. The set included a great deal of their new stuff from the Get Busy Living album along with a couple of classics and crowd favourites thrown into the mix. I had a freaking awesome time!


We’re all looking forward to catching them at Synergy later this month… this time in front of a good few thousand local fans! Definately worth making a mission to check these boys play live at least once this Summer, their time overseas has given them a very balearic but still uniquely local sound!

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