Girly advice from Nancy Drew & Ricky Bynight


At MyCityByNight we’re always being tuned by our female fans that we don’t have enough girl-related content on the blog. So after the numerous requests I decided to make the effort and write something solely for you- the fairer sex.

With me not being an expert in the field of female matters I decided to enlist the help one of the most famous female characters I know- Nancy Drew. Although Nancy generally doesn’t have a lot of time for dating with all the sleuthing and catching bad guys that she does, she still manages to take the occasional break to spend some time with boys. Using her detective skills, she’s normally able to suss out any potential suitor long before they’ve had a chance to pretend to be really nice and not at all interested in getting her into bed. Teaming up with the likes of your resident softy Ricky Bynight we’ve got some really good tips for all you single girls out there!

1. Accept invitations from a variety of suitors.
From time to time you may be surprised to find out that what you thought was your “type” may not actually be as interesting as a man who you originally thought wasn’t your vibe. Just like solving a variety of different mysteries, dating a variety of men makes your life richer and allows you to gain valuable experiences and information about certain types of guys that will help you in making future romantic decisions. Even a seemingly average guy can offer some surprises that just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for- even if you weren’t already aware that this is what you were actually after.

2. Take the time to dress up.
This one is probably the most important tip out of the entire bunch. Regardless of who you are meeting or where you are going always be sure to put your best foot forward, outfit wise. Whether it’s a brand new halter neck or an older outfit, freshened up with new accessories, its important to look good, or at least look like you have put some thought into what you are wearing. At bare minimum, you will feel comfortable and this will make you feel confident. As an added maybe try out some new nail polish or a brand new fragrance (as a guy I cant stress this enough, you have no idea how awesome it is to take a whiff of the t-shirt we wore last night, on the morning after, only to smell you on it- drives us CRAZY).

3. Look at the positive instead of the negative.
Sometimes a date goes really well just because you’ve had a positive attitude from the get-go. Even if he turns out to be more boring than a professional bowls player, at least you’ve had a new adventure or possibly gained a clue to a life mystery along with a night out on the town/yummy dinner.

4. Be your charming self.
Ok before I start this one let me just say that this is all Nancy- Apparently women have moods (awkward silence) and instead of baring your negative ones, dating offers the opportunity to be your witty and charming self. Bring up entertaining topics, such as a strange situation you’ve experienced while sleuthing and solving mysteries and you may just find that the night turns out to be quite amusing and revealing as the guy you’re with begins to let you into some of his secrets without evening realising he’s doing so

5. Don’t discuss past relationships.
This is not the time to talk about other men!!!!! I cant stress this enough- men don’t care and we certainly don’t want to be compared to your past boys, or at least we don’t want to be aware that you are doing this. If he does ask about past relationships, just say “We weren’t compatible” and leave it at that- this isn’t the time for sleuthing and probing questions about his past relationships. It’s far too an obvious interrogation ploy that rarely produces useful information. Nancy says that if you want to uncover real secrets, be subtle.

6. Determine your interest level in your date.
The first date offers the opportunity to get to know the other person as well as you possibly can, given the short period of time that you are in each other’s company. Ask questions, listen attentively, and let him know when you agree with him. Don’t be too judgmental or make snap decisions about him early on-he may not be what he seems because he’s more nervous than Damien Marley before a drug test. At the same time you don’t want to give the guy false hope if you’re not interested by leading him on- you will get caught out (there’s always someone who’s going to let him know, you’re playing him). Just don’t destroy his confidence by bringing the thunder and lightening- karma is a bitch and what happens to you won’t be nice.

7. Keep it light and fun.
At the end of the day keep the conversation neutral. You can definitely discuss serious topics like earthquakes and the child labour in India, but keep things positive; maybe mention the fact that these working kids now at least have money to buy sweeties. Get the convo going about topics of interest, like movies or Jacob Zuma’s many wives and if you’re not that familiar with something he says-such as the mention of a limited-slip diff on a car or the name of indoor footy trick-let him know. He’ll enjoy telling you more!

Ok admittedly, this does help the cause of most of us guys out there too (me in particular, with a certain romantic interest, hehe), but at least you’ll be able to lure the interests of several young and virile suitors out there because Nancy Drew and MyCityByNight said so…

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