Girls at the online broadcast reality show

Girls at has been something that I’ve been wanting to find out a little bit more about for ages but have never gotten round to actually doing. Thankfully last week MyCityByNight was sent the link to the official Youtube channel where all of these girls well… play.
Girls at, is a proudly South African Online Broadcast Reality Show which aired the first of its brand new look episodes last week on Youth Day- June 16th. In short the online based show follows the sizzling and sometimes sultry adventures of 3 local South African #Mooiness as they journey through the challenges of their day-to-day activities, while striving for the ultimate goal of becoming successful individuals in their chosen life paths (I haven’t as yet worked out what these are but as soon as I do I’ll let you know).

From what I’ve seen in the first episode the show does have a slightly naughty style to it with a fellow blogger called Ayesha toasting the girls (with what I assume is a virgin cocktail- I mean she is muslim right?) and going on a shopping spree at Long Street Boutique. Cue trashy pop-lectro music and a 30 second scene of Sim, Joanne and Kelly trying on the clothes and doing some rather impressive looking dance moves (obviously to make sure the outfits would be able to withstand a night out on the town). A new minisode is scheduled to be uploaded every other week and through the course of the series expect to see some of the country’s hottest clubs and adrenalin-filled adventure sports all uncovered nicely by these 3 lovely SA Mooiness.

This being MyCityByNight– we thought that these mooiness could use a real party and night out on the town- MCBN style, so keep your eye out for that episode as a possibility later on in the series… Till then, check out the Girls at channel over HERE.

To become a groupie check out the Girls at Facebook page over HERE.

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