Girls at Play.TV presents Opulence

So the rather #mooiness Girls at Play.Tv having combined their rather enticing qualities with a little bit of business savvy to add to the allure of what is going to be a rather decadent night out.  The event I’m talking about is called Opulence and will be taking place at the infamous ZAR in Cape Town. Yup, Kenny Kunene little spot.
I have to admit that I am quite fascinated by ZAR and the style of partying that goes down there and am very interested to break my ZAR virginity and go out check out this particular event. Previous parties with these mooiness have been well described by words like: Golden candy, bright lights, little delicacies, innocent taste, abundance and beauty. For some reason I know feel like a chocolate.
op·u·lence /ˈɒpyələns/ noun
1. wealth, riches, or affluence.
2. abundance, as of resources or goods; plenty.
… 3. the state of being opulent.
Also, op·u·len·cy.There’ll be a Mi Fone Handset (Android Enabled) up for grabs and the crowd will be looked after by these cats for the evening…

DJ line up :
DJ Sabz
DJ Lewythe15th
DJ Jamie

It’s gonna be a fairly decadent affair with yummy Patron on arrival for all guests. Awesome way to start off the night…

Cover Charge: R50

Contact Details for bookings of Tables :
Karabo 0214340706


Fan Page:


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