Girl wakes up after having her wisdom teeth removed – upset that isnt Nicki Minaj

wisdom teeth girl nicki minaj

Aaah, there’s nothing like some medical drug induced delirium to put a smile on your face. The girl in the video below has just woken up from surgery to have her wisdom teeth removed and is clearly still feeling the after-effects of being sedated – either that or she really really wants to be Nicki Minaj.

I always find it quite entertaining to listen to the crazy things people say when they’re still feeling the effects of anesthetic – I remember this one time my mother told me to go and get her some milk to make scrambled eggs after she woke up from an op (at least she didn’t complain about wanting to be Nicki Minaj). If my mate put a video of me like this up on the internet, I reckon I’d be pretty bummed.


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