Girl, High From Anaesthetic Tells Parents Her Special Talent Is Blowing A Popsicle

And it was all captured on video for our enjoyment!

We’ll be the first ones to admit to doing something silly while high AF, but thankfully for the most part they never see the light of day or happen while our folks are right there to judge us. Unfortunately for the girl in the video below, she had a unfortunate double whammy – being high AF and embarrassing herself in front of her parents.

The girl seems to be recovering in hospital after a bit of surgery and is still pretty off her tits, when she decides to deep throat a popsicle in front of her parents after describing it to them as her special talent. So awkies.

Hahahahaha! Probably the funniest thing you would have watched all week. Shout out to her family for uploading the clip for all of us to enjoy – they’re the real MVPs here.

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