Girl Destroys Her Friendship With This “Pointless” Answer

Girl Destroys Her Friendship With This "Pointless" Answer


One show that I’ve really started to get into when I’m kicking it and chilling out on the couch is BBC’s “Pointless” because I feel like I learn a good amount of general knowledge while hosing myself at some of the absolutely ridiculous answers that contestants offer up to what are some of the seemingly most obvious obvious questions out there. 2017 is off to a really great start with this clip, which shows two friends having their long lasting relationship together put the test because of a silly answer.

Two school mates, Sarah and Mariam went on Pointless a few days back and when Sarah was asked to name a country that ended in two consonants, she came up with a real zinger. Despite having an A-level in geography, she answered ‘Paris’, which just in case you weren’t aware, is neither a country nor a word that ends in two consonants.

The best part of it all is definitely the proper death stare that Mariam gives Sarah after she drops the answer – it basically says “I don’t even know why I’m friends with you and why you’ve made us lose all of this money on National TV”. Classic.

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