Girl Asks Strangers For Directions & Then Tries To French Them

girl frenches strangers

A girl by the name of Farah Brook decided to ask strangers in Grand Central Station in New York City and then try to french them afterwards in a bid to get a couple of views on Youtube (over 3 million) and raise some awareness about some fire in her neighbourhood (apparently).

The video sparked quite a bit of controversy from people who said that if a dude had to do the same thing, he’d end up behind bars in a prison where he got called Anne by the other inmates. Unfortunately, most of those people would probably be right – I think we still live in a society where double standards between the genders do exist, whether we like them or not.

The reactions are all fairly thought-provoking, considering how most pornos start – many of the people in the video are still pretty freaked out by Farah’s advances (except for the last guy that is).

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