Zula Sound Bar
98 Long Street

24th May 2014

R30 before 12

Mix N Blend
Nick Birkby
D Form
Mr Mo

It’s all about that music as a DJ that you can’t play at clubs, yet you bought the record because something about it just blew your mind, it was something you love, wanted to let other people listen to, but did not have the opportunity, because the club owner complained and told you to play something their patrons would understand and digest.
Ghettofunk is a mid-tempo electronic music genre that blends break-beat, funk, hip-hop, and bass music. While it could perhaps be seen as a modified form of “nu-funk” or “break-beat” in itself, we are playing across the board with Hip Hop, Breaks, Nu Jazz, Funk, Dirty Bass House and Ghettofunk. We are playing the music we love, the music that moves us, and we hope to move you too.

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