Getting married? Why not have the reception at KFC?

In this tough economic climate, often people come up with clever solutions to save a bit of cash- only thing is this time, romance was definately not the winner. In a new low the Colonel has added wedding receptions to his secret blend of herbs and spices…

Kalli, 25, got the idea for this rather unusual venue from her folks Madalene and Davy who had their very reception at a McDonalds in 1989. The mother of two and inspiration to all women out there, Kalli said it had been a joint decision to hold the ceremony at the Bristol restaurant (yes, shock horror, they werent Americans).

This is what Kalli had to say:

“Because my mum and dad had their reception at McDonalds we decided we would do the same. Its been a great day.”

Unemployed Husband Gareth, 33, said:

“We arent that keen on McDonalds but we thought everyone would like KFC. I think all the guests took it in the right spirit, as a bit of fun.”

Proud Mother Madalene, 42, who feasted on Egg McMuffins when she wed, said:

“People still talk about our wedding 22 years later. I hope it will be the same for Gareth and Kalli.”

Let’s hope that they stay married for longer than it takes to change the oil for frying the next bucket feast…


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    1. Nicole: Seriously… WHAT THE EFF?? Surely you could find a better place then KFC/Macdonalds. haha

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