#GetMeTo21 – A campaign with a difference

#GetMeTo21 - A campaign with a difference


We often get bombarded with a ton of different causes and charities, many of which pass under the radar mainly because of over-exposure. However with the #GetMeTo21 campaign, you get the unique sense that this is something special, something a bit more personal.

The campaign was started by a girl named Jenna who is 19 and already planning her 21st birthday because of the fact that she’ll need a new set of lungs in order to make it to then. The campaign is fantastic at raising awareness around becoming an organ donor and just how important this could be in giving someone else a new lease of life.

¬†After watching the clip on her website, I’m really amped to sign up myself. As an added act of support, one of Jenna’s mates Adam decided to put together a video that unpacks the process of donating your organs in a more humerous way – you can watch the video below and if you’re keen to find out more, please follow the links included and save a life.


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