Get your taste buds ready for the Glenmorangie Whisky Pairing at Aces

If you remember the last pairing at Aces, it was a sold-out night of delicious tacos, great music and tequila. This time will be no different! This event will be pairing Glenmorangie at Cape Town’s favourite rock ‘n roll digs this Thursday in the heart of Cape Town’s bustling CBD. Aces’n’Spades invites you this Thursday for a night of good music, good spirits and good times – the price per person is a bargain!

For only R70 per person, you’ll be able to enjoy 4 tasting whiskys with 4 snacks which kick off at 8 pm sharp. There will be some important points to note about this event. It’s going to be limited, just like last time, to 50 people (and it will sell out). The foods will be served platter style and it will be a comparative tasting. As per Aces’ usual vibe, there’ll be selected specials on between 4 – 8 pm before the tasting kicks off.

Booking is essential so make sure to secure your place in advance and book a table with contact details at the bottom of this article.



Round 1:
? The Original (10yr)
? Boerenkaas & Buchu marinated olives

Round 2:
? Lasanta (12yr)
? Coppa ham

Round 3:
? Quinta Ruban
? Sweet & sticky pork ribs or Mini veg sosatie

Round 4:
? Nectar D’or
? Lemon tartlet



RESERVATIONS – For more information join the event page on Facebook right here.

Make a booking to reserve your spot, and don’t be a party pooper and not rock up. The team from Aces know that people aren’t keen on the pre-paid vibe, so book your spot, rock up on Thursday and pay on your arrival.  DM the team at Aces, write on the event wall or email with your below details: Name | Email | Cell | Number Of Peeps



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