Get to Know Our Top Six Main Stage Artists Taking over at Get Real.

With less than a month to go and all early bird tickets sold out, we are looking forward to yet another epic fiesta of heavy bass and wild adventures at GET REAL Ft. Hot Bullet & Plastic Robots.

Early next month we take up where we left off the festivals new home grounds, The Ostrich Ranch which will be transformed into an immersive space of art and decor fit for a mega audio-visual extravaganza taking place across two stages. While the lineup – from start to finish- is a swelter, we decided to take a closer look at our top six Main Stage acts not to be missed next month. In no particular order here they are:


Born in São Paulo, the masterminds behind heavy bass sensation, Hot Bullet, Marco Violent & Marc Ransson, grew up in an environment immersed in electronic music and culture.

Since 2013, these incredibly talented producers have been destroying dance floors across the world while remaining true to their original sound that keeps loyal fans returning to shows year after year.

Having torn apart stages at massive events such as Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo & Universo Parallelo and more, it’s a no-brainer why Hot Bullet – also one of this year’s headliners – makes it onto our list of acts not to miss on this year’s main stage.


Dominating at the forefront and behind the scenes of the local music industry since 2008, Das Kapital makes it onto our list of “must-see”  talent at next months GET REAL festival.

As winner of the Best EDM Record award at the inaugural DMASA (Dance Music Award South Africa) for his single Bend It and host of 5FM’s notorious “In Das We Trust” radio show as well as one of the Slectas of the Ultimix at Six every Thursday – you can bet this talented DJ/Producer and record label owner will be delivering a very special set next month.


Zimbabwean born Adam Metcalfe aka HEADROOM’s musical journey has spanned an impressive 17 years and has seen him evolve into one of the continents most successful electronic artists and a much-loved ambassador for the local psychedelic scene.

Over almost 2 decades he has toured extensively, playing alongside some of the globes most prominent talent while filling up floors and drawing a fan base for his groovy and forward-thinking beats. HEADROOM is the quintessential festival closing act and we are ecstatic to get down to this close down.


One of Cape Town’s firmly established artists, Dane has a distinctive signature sound that combines local bass-house with a melodic European tech-house flow to deliver one helluva smooth groove.

Since his debut performance in 2009, Stirrat has gone on to play some of the biggest stages at some of the country’s biggest festivals. When he’s not out igniting dancefloors you can catch the Eden Experience Co-founder plotting out his next party assault. We can’t wait to boogie to this multi-talented Selecta.


Best described as a project that seeks to explore the sounds and spheres of Techno and Minimal and the space in between, Plastic Robots does so with innovation and originality.

The duo’s -Nando Scheffer and Dan Project- music production is characterized by a strong bass line and subtle, obscure audio elements resulting in an intense, unique delivery and an engaging atmosphere from start to finish.

Plastic Robots is undoubtedly one of the hottest & most promising techno acts on the lineup at GET REAL – This is a headlining act not to be missed.


Known for his intuitive performances that inspire & ignite dancefloors Dean Fuel can be found at just about every major festival on the local circuit. Starting out as a Vinyl DJ, this experienced performer brings a distinctive and versatile “fuel” to any party. It’s a contagious experience and one we will definitely not be missing at GET REAL next month.

Early bird tickets have all sold out and judging by last years mega success, we suggest you book your ticket today. For more information, join the event, follow the GET REAL fan page and keep your eyes peeled for more info to come.

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