Get To Know Bazique Festival With Chris De Vos & Richard Marshall

Chris De Vos and Richard Marshall give us their thoughts about the incredibly mysterious and whimsical festival launching on the 16th of March: BAZIQUE FESTIVAL!

We’re chatting to Chris De Vos & Richard Marshall, founding members of Sexy Groovy Love & Wolfkop Weekender respectively but 2 guys who will also be curating one of the main dance areas of Cape Town’s latest festival to arrive on the scene, Bazique Festival.

The festival has come together and by the looks of things, has only chosen the cream of the crop to work with, which we are all in favour of here at MyCityByNight. We decided to ask these two incredibly lekker humans their thoughts on the upcoming festival.

MCBN: So in a short sentence to our readers, how would you describe Bazique Festival that is launching next year?

Richard Marshall (RM): It will be the culmination of decades and decades of experience, all dispersed over the most insane festival site imaginable!

Chris De Vos (CDV): A playground for adults!

MCBN: Both your festivals will play an integral part of Bazique, hosting a stage, curating the lineup and being one of the core teams involved in the festival. How did this process come about and how do you feel about being part of something so different and unique?

RM: Probably much like it happened for Chris, and anyone else involved, we were picked simply because we are doing what we do as best as we can, without a hint of compromise. It’s great to be a part of this largely because all of the the local contributors all have a zero-tolerance-for-bullshit philosophy.

CDV: I know that Nick was on a hunt to build a team of top Cape Town promoters and creatives but more importantly a team of people that are positive, can work together, know how to have fun and don’t bring baggage or drama with them.

We were incredibly honoured to be asked to join the team as this is a large-scale festival concept we completely believe in. Bazique is about creating something different, pushing the boundaries and by the looks of it so far executing it all very well!

MCBN: There is a host of international acts playing at Bazique, a lineup that would rival any international festival in our eyes and it’s only phase 1. Do you have full control over your lineup choice and how did you choose your specific international acts?

RM: Bazique gave me carte blanche to program the Wolfkop stage lineup, so it’s three artists who have played all 11 of our parties so far, with Felix Laband playing his fourth live show for us since we started… and then freaking Mano le Tough. And that I’ll put down to kismet.

CDV: We were given 100% control of our line up, which we really appreciated. I bounced ideas off Richard and Nick because we value their opinions, and we’re all on the same team ☺ Our aim was to balance our line up between SGL regulars and some new faces.

Edu Imbernon is part of the SGL family having played in our first ever season and we have been talking about bringing him back for a while now and Bazique was the perfect opportunity.

Sadhu Sensi and Floyd Lavine are two legends who we are welcoming to the family with open arms. The rest of the line up comprises of one of our regulars El Gordo and myself.

MCBN: What do you think makes Bazique stand out from other festivals in Cape Town?

RM: A lot of international attention has been drawn to us for years, as we all know. These guys are the first to put their money where their mouths are, and actually say ‘cool, we will do something with you’. Which is a beautiful show of confidence in our scene. It’s not a brand, or an alcohol company or some conglomerate looking to capitalise… it’s a bunch of professionals saying let’s do something magical, our own way. Which now that I say it out loud, is pretty fucking rad.

CDV: You can expect everything that you see at other festivals and a lot more! From a creative perspective, Bazique is going all out. Think art cars, art boats and massive installations! There is even a department of arsing about! I won’t give too much away, but from an entertainment perspective, the festival will offer so much more than I have seen at any other SA festival.

MCBN: Cape Town is becoming an international attraction for tourists, festival owners and party people in general. With your expertise within the festival landscape over the past decade, what would you say has contributed to this factor?

RM: This I have no idea. Do your own thing, that’s all I have ever known to work. Things come and go faster than it’s possible to keep up with, things that last I guess are always being done for the right reasons.

CDV: Personally, I think this is down to a number of factors. Firstly, Cape Town and its surrounds are hands down one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Beauty attracts people!

Secondly, South Africa is relatively cheap to the rest of the world making it affordable to a larger pool of people. And thirdly, we have a music and entertainment industry that is well developed and continues to grow in a very positive manner. Capetonians have adopted this culture so well and its great to see so many people using events as a platform to share their creativity.

MCBN: The venue The Elgin & Grabouw Country Club has always been a venue I’ve admired and wanted to jol at. How did this venue become the venue chosen, and can you give us a few pointers or inside information about how it’s going to be used throughout the course of the weekend?

RM: All I know is that it took the legend who got it fucking ages to get it! Wow. I had never seen it before my first site recce, and shit it’s a festival site of note. Determination… that’s how we got it!

CDV: I visited the Elgin Country Club a few years ago and I immediately thought that it is the perfect location for a BIG festival. You are out of the city, surrounded by beauty and on the foot of a beautiful dam, which is already doing wonders to a person’s state of being. Throw in some music, outfits, art, a lot of people and something is bound to spark.

As for pointers, it’s something you are going to have to come and check out for yourself 😉

MCBN: With Bazique being a new festival, is there anything we should know about it, that we don’t already know from their content online? You know we love a little bit of inside information at MyCityByNight.

RM: This is no secret anymore, but on Saturday 17 March… there is three hours of Mano le Tough on this crazy lakeside beach at sunset. I highly recommend being there.

CDV: It’s the type of festival that takes a lot of thought, love and passion to pull off. We do this because we love what we do. We love the human experiment of placing a large number of people with different backgrounds in a beautiful space, which encourages self-expression and social interaction. There is only so much a Facebook post can tell you. Come to Bazique and you will leave knowing what the word means ☺

MCBN: Any last words for the Baziquers out there?

RM: Find someone who knows why it’s called ‘Bazique’, and act accordingly.

CDV: Come with friends, an open mind, bring some outfits and a good attitude.  

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